Aliexpress coupon codes for the Black Friday!

Lebois Racing is also the right address for good deals! So quick overview of the available promo codes not to be missed for the Black Friday!

Get discounts on many products here!

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South Korea



Promo codes for USA :

  US $6 off $45 Code: USAFF6
  US $10 off $80 Code: USAFF10
  US $20 off $150 Code: USAFF20
  US $50 off $300 Code: USAFF50
  US $80 off $450 Code: USAFF80
  – Codes for New Customers Only
  US $6 off $20 Code: NEWUS6OFF
  US $8 off $40 Code: NEWUS8OFF
  US $12 off $80 Code: NEWUS12OFF
  US $25 off $150 Code: NEWUS25OFF

Promo codes for Ukraine

  US $6 off $45 Code: UABF8
  US $10 off $80 Code: UABF10
  US $20 off $150 Code: UABF20
  US $50 off $300 Code: UABF50
  US $80 off $450 Code: UABF80

Promo codes for Mexico:

  US $6 off $45 Code: MXBFSALE6
  US $10 off $80 Code: MXBFSALE10
  US $20 off $150 Code: MXBFSALE20
  US $50 off $300 Code: MXBFSALE50
  US $80 off $450 Code: MXBFSALE80

Promo codes for South Korea :

  US $5 off $45 Code: 23AEBF05
  US $10 off $90 Code: 23AEBF10
  US $20 off $160 Code: 23AEBF20
  US $30 off $250 Code: 23AEBF30
  US $60 off $450 Code: 23AEBF60

Promo codes for Espana :

ES06: 06€ dto en compra minima de 45€
ES10: 10€ dto en compra minima de 80€
ES20: 20€ dto en compra minima de 150€
ES30: 30€ dto en compra minima de 200€
ES50: 50€ dto en compra minima de 300€
ES80: 80€ dto en compra minima de 450€

ESBF100: 100€ dto en compra minima de 500€

Promo codes for Brazil :

 R$ 25 off R$250 with code: BFAFF25
 R$ 55 off R$500 with code: BFAFF55
 R$ 110 off R$900 with code: BFAFF110
 R$ 400 off R$2400 with code: BFAFF400


1. Codes applies for countries EXCLUDING UA, MX, RU, AE, UZ, BH, KR, AM, KW, FR, SA, ES, KZ, QA, BR, TJ, BY, MD, AZ, TM, KG, GE, OM, US
  US $6 off $45 Code: BF8
  US $10 off $80 Code: BF10
  US $20 off $150 Code: BF20
  US $50 off $300 Code: BF50
  US $80 off $450 Code: BF80

  2. Codes for SA, AE, KW, OM, BH, QA
  20 SAR off 175 SAR Code: GCC20
  35 SAR off 310 SAR Code: GCC40
  75 SAR off 580 SAR Code: GCC80
  150 SAR off 965 SAR Code: GCC150
  305 SAR off 1735 SAR Code: GCC300

Get discounts on many products here!
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