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Sim racing tuning is probably what makes sim racing completely different from any other type of game. The complexity of the numerous adjustements requires skills! You are here to acquire them !


Each driver has his own style: some of them turn while braking. Others accelerate out of corners so as to make the car skid slightly. Some like the rear wheels to lock slightly when braking. Some drivers like cars that are a bit sluggish. Others like hyper-rigid chassis that react in a flash.

For each style, we will modify the car to optimise the grip in every situation that the driver provokes.


A good tuner is able to combine the driver’s feeling, with the results of the telemetry, the construction of the car, as well as the circuit and the type of race. It is the mastering of all this informations that allows a car to be perfectly tuned.

Perfectly? Not quite. There is no such thing as perfect tuning. We systematically look for a compromise, the compromise that will allow you to finish the race first!


I have made articles and videos of adjustments on each parameter, for the Project Cars 2, Rfactor 2 (soon) and Assetto Corsa Competizione simulations. The articles and videos are in order, and as I go along, I indicate the impact of the adjustments on the others.

There are also videos showing how to use the telemetry softwares (mainly Motec).

Finally, I regularly publish videos on how to set up a car for a specific race, so join the Youtube channel to get in touch !

Tuning tutorials for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Tuning tutorials for Project Cars 2.

Finally, here are the socials if you want to talk about sim : Facebook, Discord.

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