G Force Control Box for the P1 Seat Belt Tensioner

The G Force Control Box for the P1 seat belt tensioner is the solution for a smooth Plug & Play experience !

Let’s dive into its features.

Available on the Lebois Racing shop


Safety is the number 1 objective of the G Force Control Box. Incorporating an EMI filter, the box is able to cut off the current thanks to an integrated relay.

The box detects if the motor is running in a no-load condition (driver not present in the simulator), and then cuts the current.

All cables are shielded, and the PCB implements best practices to avoid electromagnetic interference.

Finally, the remote control panel allows the power electronics to be positioned far from the simulator.

Easy wiring

All cables are supplied ready to install. All connectors are unique, making the tensioner easy to plug in.

Dual motors and lateral forces

The box can manage two motors completely transparently: if you only have one motor, plug it into the left or right port and set the “Lateral” potentiometer to the minimum position.

If you have two motors, simply turn the Lateral potentiometer to activate the lateral effects.

Simhub compatible

The harness tensioner is Simhub-compatible, making it easy to use: as soon as Simhub starts up, the connection is automatic.

Activation et désactivation automatique

Thanks to its integrated power management, and the information provided by Simhub, the tensioner is automatically deactivated if the box is not connected to Simhub, or is not in play. The screen turns off after few seconds if Simhub is disconnected.


Manuel v1.0

Available on the Lebois Racing shop
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