Traction loss rig with SRT80 actuators

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Traction Loss lets you feel the sensation of the rear end of the car drifting.

On the chassis side, the shopping list includes two frames:

Lower frame: the one that will be fixed, and which receives the SRT80 actuator. It’s not exactly a rectangle, as the rear section is longer to accommodate the rails.

Upper frame: the one that pivots. This frame can be the one that holds your seat, or you can install a 4-actuator frame.

Any change in geometry modifies the length of all parts. So, if you deviate from the suggested dimensions, you’ll probably have to adjust the length of some parts. The proposed rail lengths are slightly oversized to allow adjustment to geometries approaching those proposed.

1) Shoppin list

The shopping list doesn’t include the brackets.

Rig/frame :

Low frame dimensions: 70cm x 124cm

  • 1 x 8040 62cm
  • 2 x 8040 120cm
  • 1 x 8040 110cm

Top frame dimensions: 70cm x 130cm

  • 2 x 8040 62cm
  • 2 x 8040 130cm

Rod ends/bearings :

3 x SHF12 (Aliexpress)

3 x FK12 (Aliexpress)

2 x SK12 (Aliexpress)

2 x SK20 (Aliexpress)

2 x KP001 (Aliexpress)

1 x POS22 (male thread-right) (Aliexpress)

Rails :

2x30cm MGN15H with carriage (Aliexpress)

2x10cm MGN15H with carriage (Aliexpress)

Axles :

1 x 12x150mm (Aliexpress)

1 x custom axle (Aliexpress)

3 x Limit Screw D12 (M10), length40mm (Aliexpress)


DIN7991 :DIN912 :ISO7380
2 x M8x45
2 x M8x35
8 x M3x12
8 x M3x20
12 x M4x20
8 x M6x14
4 x M6x20
2 x M5x30
4 x M5x20

T nuts :

12 x M6

M3 for rails

2) Driver settings:

  1. pn62 = 6
  2. pn024 = 100

Wiring :

Here is how to wire the driver to the arduino if you are using the Smart Control Box. If you are using the Competition Control Box, you don’t need to do anything.

Dir :D34
Pulse :D123
GNDGND5, 10, 14

Calibration is performed as follows: the motor runs until it reaches the stop.Then it goes to the middle position. Then it will use data coming from simtools or flypt.

4) 3D files

The 3D files are available on the download page.

If you don’t own a 3D printer, you can order them here.

Each file contains a printing instruction in the form rxxixx. The first number is the precision, the second the filling. For example r02i30 means accuracy of 0.2 and filling at 30%. It is also useful to double the thickness of the walls.

The mention “support” indicates that supports are needed…

I also recommend to activate the adhesion to avoid warping (part that comes off the support).

All the parts are in the ideal orientation for printing.

You need to print the parts for the front pivot once, and the parts for the rear pivot twice.

5) Assembly

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