Handbrake hydraulic P1

The SRT P1 hydraulic handbrake is based on the same principle as the hydraulic brake pedals: a brake caliper is actuated by a hydraulic circuit in which the pressure is measured. It is directly compatible with the SRT gearbox. You want to support this project ? https://www.paypal.me/leboisVR?locale.x=en


  1. Presentation
  2. Shopping list
  3. Assembly instructions
  4. Electronics

For info: I do not sell ANY PEDALS OR PRINTED PARTS. That would be trading, and I am not, and do not wish to be a trader. I don’t do black either. No need to ask. However, I am looking for a company that could produce plastic parts for those who do not own 3D printers. If you know of any…

1) Presentation

The handbrake is connected to a brake caliper. The applied force is captured in the hydraulic circuit by a pressure sensor.

The feeling is just perfect, and it is perfectly consitent with the brake pedal feeling.

The calipper mount is available on Thingiverse.

3) Shopping list


  1. Hydraulic pressure sensor 500psi 1/8″ NPT (Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay).If you push EXTREMELY hard you might consider using a 1000 psi sensor. I never exceeded 60%.
  2. Cables 3cores 22awg (outer diameter is 4mm).


  1. Brake caliper : Single piston (A) (Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay), Double pistons (B), 4 pistons (C)
  2. Handbrake : (Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay)
  3. 1 Banjo M10x1.25 with pressure sensor mount (Ebay) (goes between the brake calipper and the pressure sensor).
  4. 1 Banjo UNF 3/8-24UNF (Aliexpress, Ebay) that goes on the master cylinder.
  5. 1 brake hose (Amazon, Aliexpress)
  6. Joints


  1. 3 x M5x35 Din7991 (Aliexpress)
  2. 2 x M8x40 Din912 (Aliexpress)

4) Assembly instructions

5) Electronics

The handbrake can be used either as a analog axis or as a button. The simus compatible with the analog mode are (non exhaustive list):

  • Dirt Rally 2.0
  • Project CARS 2
  • Richard Burns Rally
  • Live for Speed
  • Automobilista
  • Dirt Rally

For the others, you can use the digital mod.

The connection between the handbrake and the pc is made by an Arduino Leonardo, as for the SRT pedals.

The code is here.

To select the operating mode, uncomment the line of the mode to be activated, and comment the mode to be deactivated. For example: :


For the digital mode, the digitalHandbrakeSwitch variable is used to set the level at which the handbrake is considered to be engaged.

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