All the pedals that money can buy

Sim Racing is going through a period of incredible excitement: all kinds of equipment are being released at a rapid pace!

The diversity is probably the greatest for pedal sets.

The most complete list !

So I wanted to list all the pedal sets available for purchase. To simplify, I only chose the 3 pedals sets (sometimes available in two, in this case it is indicated), sold alone (unlike the Logitech G29 for example, in the cheapest color, and excluding the pedal sets available in reverse configuration (because it’s not very useful).

Prices are indicated including VAT, shipping costs (with the cheapest method), then rounded to the nearest euro.

It is possible to sort each column, so to sort by price for example.

Don’t hesitate to tell us in comments if a set is missing or if there is an error in the information..

CompanyModelPrice2 pedalsCaracteristicsHydraulic
3DRapNgasa GT676€OuiLoad CellNo
AlienGaming655€OuiLoad CellNo
AlienRacing715€OuiLoad CellNo
AsetekForte769€OuiLoad CellNo
AsetekInvicta1373€OuiHydraulic, hall sensorsYes
FanatecCSL Pedals120€OuiHall sensor, full metal, elastomerNo
FanatecCSL LC Pedals200€OuiLoad cell for brakeNo
FanatecCSL Elite Pedals V2300€NonLoad cell pour le frein, ressort+ elastomèreNo
FanatecClub sport Pedals V3400€NonLoad cellNo
HeusinkveldSprint713€OuiLoad cellNo
HeusinkveldUltimate plus1340€OuiLoad cellNo
ImsimTalento985€OuiLoad CellNo
JCLPédalier Hydraulique2490€NonAvec étrier et disque de freinYes
LogitechPro Racing Pedals389€NonLoad cell. Différents elastomèresNo
MecaEVO1 LC764€OuiLoad cellNo
MecaEVO1 Hydraulic982€OuiHydrauliqueYes
MozaSR-P307€OuiLoad CellNo
MozaCRP661€NonLoad CellNo
NSH RacingSport1059€NonBasé sur un pédalier réelYes
NSH RacingPro1499€NonBasé sur un pédalier réel (Doppler)Yes
NSH RacingUltimate2449€OuiBasé sur un pédalier réel (tilton)Yes
RacewerkS11853 €OuiHydrauliqueYes
RacewerkRS Pro2388€NonHydauliqueYes
SimagicP2000-S100800€OuiLoad CellYes
SimforgeMark-1489€NonLoad CellNo
SimgradeThera1095€OuiLoad CellNo
SimgradeR7 (Spec C)1282€OuiLoad CellNo
SimJackMini327€OuiLoad CellNo
SimJackPro432€OuiLoad CellNo
SimsonnHe490€NonLoad CellNo
SimtagAshley2628€NonCapteur HallYes
SimTrecsProPedal GTsur demandeNonLoad CellNo
SimXSimX555€NonLoad CellNo
ThrustmasterT-LCM214€NonLoad cellNo
VenymAtrax750€OuiPédalier réel de monoplaceNo
VenymBlack Widow1249€OuiPédalier en carboneNo
VNMP1669€NonLoad CellNo
WaveImpetus Monza2008€NonHydrauliqueYes
BJ SteelGT872€OuiLoad CellNo
BJ SteelF1 Hydaulique892€OuiLoad Cell + hydrauliqueYes
VRSPro Pedals774€OuiLoad CellNo
OBPeSports Pro-Race V21320€NonHydrauliqueYes
SimworXPro GT 3.13330€NoLoad cellNo

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Find many reviews and tips for Sim Racing pedal sets here !

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