Upgrade kit for OpenSFX Actuators

The OpenSFX actuator upgrade kit allows you to modify the travel of the OpenSFX actuators while keeping the motors and profiles. The travel is increased from 130mm to 215mm. The kit also makes the actuators Push Pull compatible, the 30mm diameter tube being tapped with M22x1.5.

1) Shopping list

  • 4 x upgrade kit for OpenSFX actuators (Aliexpress)
  • 16 x DIN912 M6x110mm
  • 16 x DIN912 M6x70mm
  • 16 x DIN7991 M3x20
  • 4 x grub screw M6x12

2) 3D files

The 3D files are available on Thingiverse.

You will also find a step file which will allow you to integrate the cylinders in your CAD.

Each file contains a printing instruction in the form xx-xx. The first number is the precision, the second the filling. For example 02-30 means accuracy of 0.2 and filling at 30%. It is also useful to double the thickness of the walls.

The mention “support” indicates that supports are needed…

I also recommend to activate the adhesion to avoid warping (part that comes off the support).

I recommend using the Cura slicer.

All the parts are in the ideal orientation for printing.

3) Assembly

The assembly is the same as the SRT80.

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