v7.9 finished and functional! Opening of beta registrations!

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V7.9 : the end of the journey

After hundreds of hours of drawing, testing, and printing, the SRT box is finally fully functional. Many solutions had to be tested before obtaining a satisfying result, and the development is certainly not finished. However, the state of progress is now satisfying enough to present the gearbox in a beta version.

For once, I’m not going to go through all the improvements made since the last version. We can simply mention :

  • Fixing point improvements: some were not usable, others have been removed
  • Modification of the system preventing the lever from rotating on itself: one part has been removed, and another improved (two guides instead of one).
  • Functional reverse gear: I found a trick to have the lever lock in the down position. It’s an M2 screw head that fits into an M6 screw head. It has the advantage of being reliable (plastic locks were useless in two uses), adjustable, changeable.
  • Finalized electronics. We have something easy to install and reliable. Everything is guided, and the diagram is marked directly in the guide (not visible on the photo).
  • The sequential mode is functional, and automatically detected by the gearbox. Moreover, there is no need to set additional keys in the sim: the gearbox takes care “itself” shifting gears.
  • Reliability of the clutch mod: the plunger now ends with an m4 screw head, which is more resistant than a plastic head. The M4 screw also solidifies the plunger.
  • Modification of the code to take into account the sequential mode.


What next?

There are still a lot of small details to be refined, but we are already at a stage where the gearbox is fully usable as it is. I will continue to optimise the parts so that they are…better. And also easier to print/install.

The tracks that generates the forward/reverse feeling in H mode and sequential still need a lot of work to improve the feel. But that’s something that will have to be done in beta.

There is still work to be done on the famous “mods”. The clutch mod is already functional.

So the beta version will be v8.0. Since it shouldn’t differ that much from 7.9, I’ll probably present a 7.9/8.0 hybrid version on video.

Registration for the closed beta is now open!

So I’m opening the closed beta registration. All you have to do is send me your email address via the Facebook page. When the beta opens, I will send you the invitation to the Discord show where all the info will be available.

For the moment, I don’t communicate any 3D file or shopping list because :

  • The 3D files are going to evolve a little bit more
  • I am waiting for some china pieces that I want to test before publishing them. I have created a complete kit with an Aliexpress dealer to make everything easier, but I absolutely want to check all the parts.
  • Maybe the parts will need to modify the 3D files.
  • It’s the end of the year, and I’m going away for a few days with the family. I don’t want to leave anyone without support.

The shopping list and the 3D files will therefore be published at the very beginning of the year (first week of January?), that will mark the end of the registrations.

Moreover, the registration to the beta is of course not binding, and once registered, you will be able to join the Discord server at any time.

I don’t think I need to specify that participation in the beta is free, but it is nevertheless important to be aware that :

  • The purpose of the closed beta is to develop the gearbox and the documentation. The gearbox is already satisfying as it. You will therefore be able to make it, and enjoy it without asking yourself any more questions. However, it is to be expected that the 3D files will continue to evolve rapidly at first.
  • The shopping list may also evolve. Currently, the gearbox costs between 100€ and 150€. Again, for this price you should get a gearbox that surpasses anything else on the market. However, it is possible that to improve the quality of the box, it may be necessary to order additional parts. Again, you will have the choice to follow or not. Overall, it is unlikely that the list will change drastically.
  • I would like to remind you that I receive commissions on the pieces that you can buy by clicking on my links. However, I don’t force anyone to go through these links, or to buy the pieces I recommend, on the contrary! The goal of the beta is also to check that the gearbox is makeable by everyone and everywhere! On the other hand, I’m not going to adapt all the 3D parts to each different part. So expect to be on your own if your parts are too exotic.
  • The project was designed from the beginning to be feasible for everyone. You will of course need at least a 3D printer and a soldering iron. For the rest, the gearbox and the documentation are designed to be accessible to someone who knows nothing about it. So don’t pass by because you think you don’t have the knowledge, I’m looking for just this type of person to make sure everything is clear.
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