SimGear : NSH sells its own SRT-inspired gearbox !

I told you some time ago that I’m working in partnership with NSH Racing, french manufacturer of components for sim racing. This partnership is now coming reality with the release of the SimGear, the commercial version of the SRT V9 box. Presentation !

NSH has been very closely involved in the development of the V8, and has obviously continued this work on the V9. The changes they had planned to make on V8 have been carried over to V9, which obviously starts from a more satisfactory base.

The changes that have been made are mainly due to the need to offer a product that is easier to use and install. Here are the most important changes:

  • Added three carbon plates on the sides and bottom. The bottom plate is used to mount the gearbox much easier than the SRT version. And the three carbon plates together make the box as rigid as if it had been cut from a block of aluminum.
  • Added a side locking system in sequential mode to prevent the lever from moving in the H-guide.
  • Two more carbon plates on top.
  • Different refinements to the mechanics.

I want to emphasize that I agree with all of the changes NSH has made. We really collaborated from “a” to “z” on this project and I am convinced that you will not find any gearbox competing with this one on the market (you remember, I said that the SRT was the best one, so imagine a carbon fiber SRT gearbox !).

Pre-orders will start in the first half of February. The public price is 650€, and the first 10 orders will get a 50€ discount!

Regarding the price, this is obviously not just a rebadged SRT box. I have been a seller a long time ago, and I can guarantee you that I would never have sold the SRT gearbox (without carbon parts) for less than 650€ if I had to take into account the hours needed for the manufacturing, the development, the maintenance of the machines (because obviously, if you want to print this kind of gearbox at a sustained pace, you can’t do it with only one printer), and of course the price of the basic parts. Add to that the price of the carbon fiber panels (5 in total) and you will understand that the price is quite reasonable.

We will meet again soon for a more complete video, and globally speaking for more projects born from this partnership 😉

Let’s visit their Facebook page to be informed of the release!

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2 thoughts on “SimGear : NSH sells its own SRT-inspired gearbox !

  1. Hello.

    Is the NSH variant compatible with all the Mods, like the Buttonplate and most Important the eClutch?

    Best regards

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