Competition Control Box for SRT80 actuators


The Control Box Competition is the Plug And Play solution for taking full advantage of SRT80 actuators.

The multi-layer PCB has been optimized to reduce electromagnetic interference and ensure better signal quality.

As a result, you can take full advantage of your actuators in complete safety.

The Control Box Competition is based on an Arduino Leonardo board. The pins used are the same as for the OpenSFX, so the Control Box can also be used for these actuators.

It is supplied pre-flashed and ready to use with Simhub, Flypt or Simtools. Adding the fifth actuator does not require any modification to the code; you simply need to adapt the FlyPT profile by making the modifications indicated in the manual.

DB25 connectors

The board is designed to use DB25 male-male connectors. Here are two references: Amazon, Aliexpress.

Status LEDs

One LED indicates that FlyPT is connected, and 5 LEDs indicate whether the drivers are operational.


The PCB incorporates end-stop detection on cylinders 1 to 4: if one of these cylinders attempts to exceed its end-stop, the board disables the drivers, and goes into error (flashing red LED).


The board is supplied with an emergency stop port. Use of the E-Stop is optional.

Fifth actuator

The fifth actuator is a cylinder requiring calibration, as is the case for a Traction Loss assembly. When connected to FlyPT, the cylinder will retract until it is ready for use.

Where to buy ?

On Etsy or directly on PM.


Manual download link.

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