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AIYIMA Tube T9 : Between tradition and modernity

The AIYIMA TUBE T9 is a hybrid amp: it uses 6K4 tubes as a pre-amp before a transistor circuit amplifies it. Let’s review it !

The warmth of a tube sound!

If you’ve never listened to a tube amp, this is definitely something to do. It’s hard to describe the audio difference. It’s generally said that the sound is “warmer”, more organic. Personally, that’s what I have on my guitar amp (a Vox VT30 hybrid) and on the amp in my Hifi system (full tube). It makes any sound much more pleasant to listen to, more realistic too, more alive.

The big problem with tube amps is the low power they give off compared to the power consumption. For this reason, hybrid amps are an excellent compromise: a first stage of amplification is done by the tubes to obtain a warm sound, and a transistor circuit (IC TPA3221) then takes care of the power output (100W in 4 ohm).

And don’t get me wrong, this little amp (less than 12cm wide) is just as capable of powering desktop speakers as large column speakers!

We find a sound at the same time warm and powerful! Pleasant mediums, highs which do not crunch and well rounded basses.

You may say to me that what is the interest in Sim Racing? Well, if you are reading these lines, if you are not an audiophile, you must be a sound-of-motor-phile. And there too, the tubes are good for the ears, making the bass fatter, and avoiding that the treble saws your tampans in two!

Unbeatable connectivity!

Bluetooth, RCA, optical, coaxial, and USB! To tell the truth, I don’t think I can find any device at home generating sound that can’t be connected to this amp. On my side, it is connected directly to the sound output of my motherboard. From time to time I also connect my phone to it. Note that thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, there is no latency. The amp can be used in bluetooth for games.

Note that the amp automatically goes to standby when it does not receive sound (it automatically turns on when it does). It then emits a click which indicates the change of state. This may seem restrictive but you get used to it very well, and the minister will salute the effort.

The amp is delivered with a remote control (which must already be gathering dust at the bottom of a drawer) which allows to control the amp.

The best desktop amp?

Coupled with small bookshelf speakers, you get a mega-practical amp, and a pleasant sound in any case, ideal to do without the mixes during work sessions. On occasion, you can turn up the volume a bit to make the engines roar and vibrate with them!

Aesthetically, the meter and the lamps bring a very nice soft light.

The amp feeds Sony speakers that date back to the mini Hifi system of my childhood (the one that played cassettes!!!).

The amp fits on a bookshelf speaker.

Note that the amp requires a 24V/6A power supply which is not provided. 

Clearly, I dream to make a 5.1 for the simulator with this type of amps.

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A warm sound at a sweet price.

This amp is a real success: so many features in such a compact format, with an output sound that never ceases to amaze, it is certainly a total success!

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