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Logitech G29: the king of the entry level

Do we need to introduce Logitech? A manufacturer of electronic equipment known in all fields as the king of value for money, Logitech has been offering a range of PS4 and PC compatible steering wheels dedicated to Sim Racing for several years. The G2x series, initiated by the venerable G25, has marked each generation of Sim Racer. Indeed, with its affordable price and its more than correct performance, these wheels have often been the first wheels of each Sim Racer. The quality/price ratio is so good that they are even regularly found on motion simulators costing several thousand euros.

The Logitech G29 is the latest representative of this range, so here goes: should you start with the G29?

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Summary :

  1. The wheel base
  2. The steering wheel
  3. The pedals
  4. Reliability 
  5. Mods and upgrades

1. The wheel base

Since the appearance of the Direct Drive, we distinguish the wheel base from the steering wheel. To put it simply: the wheel base includes all the mechanism that makes the steering wheel turn. It is mainly composed of one or more motors, as well as pinions and other belts if necessary.

Here the motor base is still derived from the G25 architecture: two “small” motors drive a bigger one by pinions (force demultiplication). It is rather simple, and it is perfectly reliable. Over time the system has proven itself, and finally the adjustments are rather minor. Logitech has simply tried to reduce the vibrations, noise and play generated by this type of mechanism. An optical encoder on one of the motor’s shaft allows to detect the relative position of the steering wheel.

logitech g29 cable management

Note that the steering wheel calibrates itself at each start: you will see it go all the way to the left and then all the way to the right. The center position of the steering wheel depends on this calibration, so let it do it! The steering wheel has a rotation range of 900°, which can also be limited to 270° by a combination of keys.

Well, we talk mechanics, but what about the feeling? It’s good. At least for the price. Of course, on this entry-level model (at a lower price, we’re not talking about Sim Racing equipment), the strength of the steering wheel is limited: you’ll easily be able to overcome the force generated by the engines. However, the latter is enough to make you feel the information coming from the steering wheel, as long as you concentrate on it a little.

Precision is limited by the gear system: when the steering wheel is centered, there is a very slight play.

At this point, we have to make something clear: you might think that the limited power and precision could limit our lap times on the track. It’s not the case. Many Sim Racer’s take first place with a Logitech G29. Since I was a kid, I’ve been driving with (and mostly against!) my buddy Iceman, we’ve always had the same pace. For a few years now, our differences on the hardware have grown: he uses a G29 while as you know, I mainly use very high end hardware. But our performances are still quite similar, and he wins races very regularly.

One last thing to note: a powerful wheelbase also requires a suitable mount: if you play on your desk, a G29 is quick to install and won’t move. If you have a small foldable chassis, the steering wheel can be fixed with two M6 screws.

The steering wheel

logitech g920
The G920 is the Xbox compatible version

The steering wheel of the G29 is perhaps the element that has evolved the most compared to the G27. We find the same quality of manufacture which made the reputation of this range, quality which is always so impressive considering the price range. A nice circle of 27cm diameter (yes it’s a bit small, but it increases the force felt), with an anodized aluminum ring, no doubt: it’s beautiful, it’s quality.

For the buttons, we are also well served: 20 buttons of different sizes and shapes, including a rotary encoder. Two paddles with the same design as the previous ones: it works, it’s reliable, it’s perfect.

In reality, when you want to switch to a wheel base of a really higher range, it’s mainly on the steering wheel that the budget is blocked. Indeed, the more powerful wheel bases are often sold without the steering wheel, and a steering wheel as well made as this Logitech one is quickly very expensive.


The pedals

The Logitech G29’s pedals also use the same architecture as the previous generations. The only change is the addition of an elastomer in the brake pedal, which adds resistance at the end of the stroke.

pédalier logitech G29

The position is always captured by a potentiometer. In my opinion, this potentiometer is the Achilles’ heel of the system. It is the only element that recurs in the causes of failure, but we’ll come back to that later. And in any case, capturing the position of a pedal is always technically tricky.

The feeling: it’s hard to be objective. As much as the wheel base is still a direct drive “in a much less good way”, we have to admit that in terms of pedal, we find radically different technologies in higher prices. Obviously, for the gas pedal and the clutch, it does the job very well. But for the brake…well, it’s a bit simplistic. But we can live with it, and as said above, it doesn’t prevent us from winning races.

Note that you can’t adjust the position of the pedals, which is perhaps the biggest drawback for me. The pedals are designed to be used flat, with a rather upright position (forget the F1 position).


I’d like to quickly go back to reliability and dependability before I get to the last part. As you can see, the Logitech G29 is very reliable. You will always find people on the internet who had problems, but for such a popular product, it is quite normal. For me, the two elements that could be problematic are the potentiometer and the steering wheel fixation brackets.

location, quickly catches a lot of dust. So the potentiometer ends up getting dirty and malfunctioning. That said, you really have to be in a particularly dusty environment for this to happen. Besides, the pedals are easy to disassemble for cleaning. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver to open it, and then an allen wrench and a flat wrench if you want to remove the pedals themselves.

For the bracket, it’s due to its C shape: if you tighten too much, it breaks (it’s made of plastic…). The part can be easily found on the internet but requires a disassembly of the wheel base.

Finally, the motors tend to get hot (this is normal), and many people note a slight loss of power after starting once the motors are (too?) hot. This is a normal operation, and trying to correct it is like putting your finger in a vicious circle:

Mods and upgrades

Like any popular product, there are thousands of upgrades to the Logitech G29, whether it’s for the steering wheel or the pedals. I will say only one thing: DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!!!

It’s a well-designed product, that’s a fact. And a well-designed product is one that makes the most of the capabilities of each of its components. One might be tempted, for example, to increase the power of the motors. Unnecessary. Impossible. Let’s take thirty seconds here to understand how it works: the flywheel power supply provides 24V to mosfet chips that regulate this current (depending on the FFB) and send it to the motors.

  • Changing the power supply for a more powerful one: useless. I tried, no noticeable change.
  • Modify the mosfet chips? I tried, no noticeable change except that you sacrifice all the built-in electronics.
  • Modifying the motors : almost impossible, might as well start from scratch. Moreover they are mounted with a non standard gear impossible to mount or dismount.
  • Cooling the motor : done : no change.
When I say I tried, I’m not kidding.

But that’s just one side of the medal (of the bad idea):

volant monoplace pour Logitech G29

Special mention for the steering wheel modifications: you can find a lot of mods to change the steering wheel for a single-seater type steering wheel… Bad idea: the original steering wheel is very good. But like the rest, it is not designed to be replaced. So you either end up with a really ugly plate over it, or with a 3D print that won’t have the comfort of a leather steering wheel. On top of that, with a round steering wheel, you can do anything. I remember trying a rally-cross race in the snow with a prototype steering wheel… my fingers still hurt. Then again, you end up with unsaleable equipment.

We find the same logic with the pedals, with a logic in general less destructive but just as vain.


The price

We regularly find the G29/G920 on Amazon at 200$. To be informed of the promotions, join my social networks : Facebook, Discord.

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