Brake pedal SRT P1 v5.3 REV2

The SRT P1 v5.3 brake pedal evolves to REV2. The goal is to correct the hydraulic circuit, optimise the lever and prepare the transition to higher versions.

New lever :

  • More space at the ball joint, which allows more angle.
  • The preload screw has been moved to be more accessible. We also changed from an M6 hexagon screw to an M5 hexagon socket screw (allen).
  • Slight modification of the design to harmonize the pedals (especially with the future P1)
  • Print informations are now placed below the lever

Different hydraulic circuit :

  • The pressure sensor is now mounted on the caliper. Therefore a banjo bolt with sensor holder M10x1.25 is required instead of the banjo bolt with sensor holder UNF 3/8-24UNF. A new banjo bolt must also be ordered for the master cylinder. The advantage is to ease the bleed procedure (air bubbles were more easily trapped in the top of the banjo bolt that holds the pressure sensor), and also to clear the space behind the lever. This is particularly necessary for the clutch pedal, which can have a long stroke.

When version 6.0 comes out, I plan to keep online all the tutorials and files for version 5.3 REV2.

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