Mod SRT eClutch for the SRT Gearbox V9.0

The eClutch mod allows the gearbox to remained locked when the clutch pedal isn’t pressed. It is done by a small servo motor, controlled by Simhub through the Arduino.

On the la Button Plate, the 13th function allows to enable or disable the eclutch.


  1. Shopping list
  2. Assembly
  3. Wiring
  4. 3D files
  5. The code
  6. Simhub

1) Shopping list

2) Assembly

For the assembly, please follow the following steps :

  1. Install the DC connector next to the USB exit
  2. Plugged the servo to the arduino
  3. Activate the mod in the code
  4. Connect the Arduino to Simhub
  5. Launch the game and go on track and wait for the clutch to be in locked position (you can press the clutch pedal to check if the motor is responding correctly).
  6. Install all the mechanism while the servo is still in locked position, while checking if the gearbox is still locked in this position.

You can then adjust the position on the plongeur while in locked position by changing the value :

#define LOCKED 130

The higher the number, the lower the plongeur goes. Check that the position is correct and that the servo isn’t forcing.

If the servo forces (it makes noise all the time), it will heat up and may deteriorate.

3) Wiring

The PCB of the V9 does not foresee a specific port for the servo motor, but it can be connected to the hand brake port:

Yellow : data (“signal” is written)

Orange : GND

The DC connector brings power to the servo (red +, brown -). The ground of the servo needs to be also linked to the PCB.

4) 3D files

The files are available on the Google Drive in the folder “mod eClutch”

5) The code

Before activating the function in the code, it is advisable to test the correct operation of the servo. For this we will use the example code provided with the Arduino software. Once the IDE is launched, go to “File>Examples>Servo>Sweep”. Before flashing the code, you have to modify the following line:

  myservo.attach(9);  // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object

  myservo.attach(A3);  // attaches the servo on pin 9 to the servo object
Then flash the code. The servo should then go back and forth. If everything works correctly, you can flash the gearbox code again.

You need to use at least the v3.0

You need to replace :

//#define SRTeCLUTCH


#define SRTeCLUTCH

Then you can select the pin on which one you want to plug the servo. By default it is plugged on the pin A3.

6) Simhub

In Simhub, once the arduino is connected, you must enter the following line of code in the “Custom Protocol” field:


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