SRT Accelerator Pedal P1

The SRT P1 throttle and clutch pedal is based on a compression spring and offers all possible adjustments:

  • start and finish position
  • spring preload
  • spring force


  1. Presentation
  2. Shopping list
  3. Building instructions
  4. Firmware

1) Presentation

The P1 gas pedal and clutch pedal offers a reliable and solid mechanism. The whole mechanism is based on a compression spring. Forged steel rods can be used to stiffen the lever if necessary.

The clutch simply uses a stiffer spring.

An optional LED strip can be integrated to illuminate the mechanism.

3D files are available on the download page.

2) Shopping list

The shopping list is available here.

3) Building instructions

4) Firmware

The firmware includes the required libraries. You just need to load the code in the Arduino IDE, flash the board, and then adjust the min and max values using the Arduino monitor.


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8 thoughts on “SRT Accelerator Pedal P1

      1. Keep up the great work. Im going to build a pedal set. At first with accelerator and brake but would love to see a cheap clutch pedal solution AS well because i only rarely need it.

  1. Can you update the link of the custom axle in the shopping list? I am unable to find anything like it and would really like to upgrade my accelerator pedal.

      1. Hm i tried that, seem like it cant be delivered to germany unfortunately. Thank you very much for your fast reply though!

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