Sinus Live bass shaker

The Sinus Live is a very convincing midrange bass shaker!

Of intermediate size (116mm), it is sufficient to transmit engine and suspension vibrations on large chassis. A 50W amplifier per channel is enough to power it.

About 60€ on Amazon Uk.

Mounting tips

To get the most out of this model, the following tips should be followed:

  • Use M5 screws for mounting
  • Use two keys of 10 to install the audio cables: one key holds the terminal block, the other serves as the screw. In fact, the entire terminal block is only held in place by a rivet, which may eventually fail due to repeated incorrect installation.
  • An audio cable gauge 16 is perfectly dimensioned for this type of bass shaker.
  • Use RV1.25-5S crimp lugs: bass shakers generate a lot of vibration (that’s their job), but these vibrations tend to loosen everything. So don’t try to insert a bare cable: either you tighten too much, and then you crush the cable that will come out. Or you don’t tighten enough and the screw will loosen. The ultimate solution: the RV1.25-5S terminal (Amazon, Aliexpress).




I've been passionate about cars since I was a kid! I learned the multiple variations of the Skyline R34 through the Gran Tursimo series, until I discovered GTR2 at the wheel of a keyboard. A few years later, I plunged back into Sim Racing with a G27 which made me enter the DIY world. Always looking for an immersion out of reach in reality, I develop projects that I take care to make accessible to any 3D printer owner!
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