AIYIMA Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier TPA3116D2

The Aiyima amplifier is a 4 channels amplifier, 50W by channel. Would you like a bass shaker per wheel?

The best amplifier for a mid range setup ?

This amp therefore offers 50W per channel, which is already enough to feel good vibrations. Powered by two RCA jacks (Amazon, Aliexpress), you can connect 4 bass shakers.

You can also connect the amplifier via bluetooth, but only in two channels.

The volume of each channel is adjustable. We will regret the absence of a global volume adjustment.

It is also very compact (133 * 128 * 33mm), which makes it possible to install it anywhere, especially within easy reach. On my chassis it is on the steering wheel support:

The assembly

You can download here the clamp that requires two M8 screws. This is a priori the best way to fix it, as there are no fixing brackets.

Provide a 24v 5A power supply (Amazon, Aliexpress). The harness tensioner control box includes an output to power this amp.

The amp comes with an 8-pin screw terminal block. I advise to order 2 pins screw terminals (Amazon, Aliexpress) to have one terminal per bass shaker and to facilitate the assembly/disassembly.


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