OpenSFX actuators

OpenSFX100 actuators operate very similarly to SRT100 actuators. The difference lies mainly in the use of servo motors instead of stepper motors, which are both cheaper and less powerful.

Industry&CNC’s Aluminum Profiles

Industry&CNC offers profiles similar to the Kinetic. Available in raw aluminum, they are sold already threaded in M14, all you have to do is install the inserts available here (choose M8). The slider is slightly different, and available for download here.


Industry&Cnc mechanical kit

The mechanical parts kit is compatible with both actuators. In particular, the manufacturer offers both 100mm and 150mm versions.

Linear bearing mount

Mounting the linear bearing upside down gives 1 cm of travel. It is compatible with OpenSFX100 actuators without any other physical modification. Available here. Don’t forget to add the supports !

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