SRT V9.1 gearbox update for July

Yes, today we’re dedicating a whole article to this major update!


This update brings a few fixes:

Modification of No Turn to prevent it from rubbing against Body2 :

Optimized cable routing for the button plate mod:

Added material for the screw that locks the reverse gear. The location has also been moved back slightly to increase adjustability:

Corrected “Arm” geometry for the eclutch to improve alignment of the mechanics. Feel free to add washers between “Arm” and “Crank” to improve alignment.

Preload is now a little thicker to provide more preload on left/right movements. This part is now symmetrical. The screw location has also been redesigned for easier installation:

The integration of the PCB cover on Body 2 has been slightly revised.

As usual, 3D files are available for download from this page.


The track holder is now available with its cover in the 3D files folder.


The RHD mod is finally online. It allows you to mount the gearbox on the left, or to mount it on the right in “reverse”, i.e. with the lever forward and the gearbox to the rear. Documentation available here.

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