RHD Mod for the SRT Gearbox V9.1

The RHD mod allows you to build a symmetrical version of the gearbox. The advantage is that the gearbox can be mounted on the left, or on the right, with the mechanical part before the lever.


The 3D files needed to build the RHD version are in the “mod RHD” folder of the 3D files archive. The parts supplied have all the RHD wording engraved somewhere.

Only the tracks are not included, but all you have to do is load the normal tracks, and mirror them on Cura :

Apart from these files and tracks, there are no other changes to report.

Not all mods have been converted for the RHD mod. Feel free to ask for the files, and I’ll make the changes.

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12 thoughts on “RHD Mod for the SRT Gearbox V9.1

  1. Great idea and I was going to ask for the RHD mod but you have beat me to it . Thank you . I am having trouble locating the RHD mod file though .

  2. Hi I was wondering if the Easy Print (Modular Bodies) for SRT v9.1 on thingy verse could be mirrored to work with the RHD mod?

      1. Hi, I was wondering if you had to modify the original Body of the shifter for the RHD MOD, or did you just mirror it, then it was only internal parts of the shifter that were modified ?
        If so, I think I could just mirror the “Easy Print (Modular Bodies)” So I don’t have to risk such a large print all in one go. Thanks in advance for any help with this question, love your work mate.

  3. Hi, just wondering if thereis a list of how many of each part is required to print ? Like the spacers and hall sensor holder etc. cheers

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