SRT100 V2 : June released !

SRT100 actuators are going to V2, discover what’s new!

SRT100 actuators will be upgraded to V2 in June. On the program :

  1. 18% more travel
  2. more reactive and silent operation
  3. complete documentation
  4. Support of 2 cylinders (2DOF), 3 cylinders (3DOF) and 4 cylinders (3DOF)

For those who already own the V1, the reprinting of some parts is to be expected.

The ball screw sfu1605 may be replaced by a sfu1610 (under test). Everything else is meant to be kept unchanged. The motors and drivers are the same.

The current documentation is being set as private. Those who have already started to produce V1 can contact me to get access to the V1 documentation.

I don’t communicate for the moment any documentation or 3D files about V2.

The developments are expensive and particularly time consuming. If you want to support me, please make a donation :

I've been passionate about cars since I was a kid! I learned the multiple variations of the Skyline R34 through the Gran Tursimo series, until I discovered GTR2 at the wheel of a keyboard. A few years later, I plunged back into Sim Racing with a G27 which made me enter the DIY world. Always looking for an immersion out of reach in reality, I develop projects that I take care to make accessible to any 3D printer owner!
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4 thoughts on “SRT100 V2 : June released !

  1. Is this a push AND pull actuator? Can it be used for traction loss and surge?
    Can I buy a finished product from you or will this be a DIY?

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