pimax vr headsets

The Pimax headsets

After a 4K VR headset, revolutionary in its time in terms of resolution, Pimax has developed a complete range of VR headsets around the same frame. Find out which one is the best for you !

Guide to the different Pimax headsets

Pimax 5K Super : The entry level of the top of the range!

pimax 5k super

Evolution of the 5k+, and inheriting characteristics of the 8KX, the Pimax 5k Super benefits from a soft touch coating, as well as the Modular Audio Strap (which integrates headphones). FOV of 200°, accompanied by a resolution of 2560x1440px per eye. The refresh rate rises to 180Hz. We will rarely use the entire FOV or the 180Hz refresh rate, but you know, and never get too much refresh rate !

In any case these characteristics make the Pimax 5k Super an excellent VR headset in the long run!

Pimax 8KX : the best compromise ?

pimax 8kx

And we arrive on a VR headset offering a screen of 4k per eye: the Pimax 8KX (the full review here). 3840x2160px per eye. We finally exceed the graphic quality that we can find on triple screens, or 4K screens.

Obviously, you need a very powerful configuration to enjoy this headset (a Nvidia 3080 is a BIG minimum). Unless …

Unless you use one of the Pimax solutions to gain FPS ! The most “basic” solution is the use of FFR (Fixed Foveated Rendering), which decreases the screen resolution on the sides. It’s hardly noticeable, and you gain a lot in performance. To give you an idea: with my 2080ti, I shoot ACC in Epic (except for the anti-aliasing on high) at 60fps. Pimax was the first to develop this kind of solution.

Pimax Crystal : the best VR headset in the world ?

pimax crystal through lens

And the latest one: the Pimax Crystal. Basically, this headset has everything you could want: a 2880p x 2880p screen per eye, 90Hz refresh rate (160Hz expected), satisfactory Fov, eye tracking, Standalone mode (so wireless!). I had the opportunity to test it in Paris.

For the moment it is only available for pre-order:


Pimax is the undisputed leader in the high-end VR market. Here is a table of the characteristics of their different headsets (headsets that are no longer sold are not in bold)

Pimax ArtisanPimax 5k+Pimax 5k SuperPimax 8k+Pimax 8KXPimax Crystal
Resolution (per eye)1440x1700px2560x1440px2560x1440px3840×21603840×21602880x2880p
Refresh Rate1220Hz144Hz180Hz110Hz75Hz90Hz(for the moment)

NB: the links above are affiliate links.

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