New SRT gearbox

New SRT V9.1 gearbox!!!

After more than 6 months of hard work, a mountain of used rolls, printer problems, here is finally the V9.1 in open beta!

Here I have to start by thanking the beta testers who have already tested the gearbox and made an invaluable contribution. If V9.1 is so close to its final state, it is thanks to them.

V9.1, let’s talk about it. The V9.0 is obviously an excellent box, which is still quite valid in itself. V9.1, reserved for PRO and ELITE contributors, is as its name indicates a big revision. Here is the list of the main changes:

Changelog :

-New body1 which includes the rear bearing holder: it’s all in one block so it’s more rigid, more precise, needs less screws, more aesthetic. 

– Optimization of Body1 for a printing without support.

– Use of an Igus type bearing instead of a linear bearing: less noisy, more fluid. 

– Modification of the Base Lever to use the Ecorz31 mod. 

– Integration of the guide blocks in the body 2 : more precise, less screws

– new more efficient preload

– new easier to mount turn

– new optimized no turn

– new eclutch better integrated

– new slider: separate H and Seq tracks for mixing. no turn tracks optimized for smoothness and reliability 

– Minor body2 corrections to avoid friction. 

– Aesthetics a bit more refined

– Sequential track by Scoomy

Here it is for the main improvements. As you can see it’s…an update.

As for the shopping list, the goal is to minimize changes. So here are the extra screws and bolts you’ll need:

On the 3D printing side: everything has to be reprinted.

The documentation is available here.

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    1. Pretty sure you can Buy components & build it yourself. All details here

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