Sunlu : Discount + 10% Off !!!

How to get 10% off on the Sunlu website ? Easy ! Just use the following code : UEPKDZRAJT

How to use the discount code
Just add the code : UEPKDZRAJT

It is available on all the Sunlu range : PLA, 3D printers, accessories

Sunlu offers a wide range of 3D printing products. I mostly use their PLA+ to print my projects.

On top of the 10% Discount, you can add up to 25% OFF by ordering 3kg or 6kg at once. Another great news : you can mix the colors. Every two months I order 6kg of PLA+ black, and 1kg of this awesome copper Silk .

Sunlu PLA +

Probably the PLA I would use the most so far! Semi-matt finish. Good grip and very good strength. I order it often in quantity, and you can always get the 10% discount with the code UEPKDZRAJT.

Sunlu PLA Silk

A matte finish is the easy solution. But it’s not ideal for showcasing pretty shapes or quality printing. Silk PLA has a particularly glossy finish. With a fineness of 0.15mm, the surfaces have a very nice look. The copper color has a very nice copper look.

On smooth surfaces, the result is brilliant.

Sunlu PLA Mat

Recently I ordered a few rolls of their new matte PLA. The rendering is indeed very matte, more so than their PLA +. However, for the moment, as much as it passes perfectly in my Ender3, I have systematically clogging and adhesion problems on the Sunlu S9 … Sunlu S9 which I am not particularly satisfied … My advice: wait for more feedbacks on this product, and if you want a matte rendering, go rather on the PLA + which is a safe value, or the PolyTerra of Polymaker!

More information on the best PLA for 3D printing? Check out our dedicated section!

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