SRT Clutch pedal GT V6

The GT clutch pedal has the following objective: offer an economical clutch pedal, compatible with the SRT gearbox.

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For info: I do not sell ANY PEDALS OR PRINTED PARTS. That would be trading, and I am not, and do not wish to be a trader. No need to ask. However, I am looking for a company that could produce plastic parts for those who do not own 3D printers. If you know of any…


The SRT GT V6.0 clutch pedal is based on a torsion spring. A bicycle brake cable can be attached to it and connected to the gearbox. I don’t recommend to use this pedal without the gearbox: the resistance of the torsion spring alone is too low to simulate a clutch pedal. Optionally, you can install two 4mm rods to reinforce the rigidity of the pedal. The three holes in the middle of the base accept M5x5 Din7991 screws to prevent the limit stop screw from marking the plastic. The pedal can be mounted on 80×40 profiles using the front screws on the KP08, and the center hole. Translated with (free version)


Min. start angle from vertical: -20°. Max. end angle in relation to the vertical: 35°. The min and max are adjustable by means of a screw. The spring can be pre-tensioned in stages (several installation positions). The pedal measures 195mm from the axis of rotation to the top. It can be extended by 57mm with the extension. The clutch in V6.0 (link thingiverse)  



  1. 1 potentiometer 10k (axle diameter 6mm, axle length 10mm)
  2. Cables 3cores 22awg (outer diameter is 4mm).


  1. 1 torsion spring
  2. 0.3 kg PLA (Amazon)
  3. 2 bearings KP08 8mm (Aliexpress)


For the little screws, I recommend to order a kit like this one : celui-ci.

  • 3 x M5x35mm DIN912 (end and start screw, cable tightening)
  • 2x M5x5mm DIN7991 (butée start et fin)
  • 2x M5x15mm DIN7991 (KP08)
  • 2x M5x20mm DIN912 (KP08)
  • 1 x M8x90 DIN912 + écrou M8 (axe pédale) (Amazon, Aliexpress, Manomano)
  • 2 x Shafts4mm x 100mm (or 150mm for the extension) (Aliexpress)
  • 2 x M4x20mm DIN7991 et 2 M4 nuts (fixer les plaques sur le levier des pédales).
  • 2 x M4x20mm DIN7991 et 2 M4 nuts (pour l’extension).


To be added soon.

I've been passionate about cars since I was a kid! I learned the multiple variations of the Skyline R34 through the Gran Tursimo series, until I discovered GTR2 at the wheel of a keyboard. A few years later, I plunged back into Sim Racing with a G27 which made me enter the DIY world. Always looking for an immersion out of reach in reality, I develop projects that I take care to make accessible to any 3D printer owner!
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2 thoughts on “SRT Clutch pedal GT V6

  1. Hi, Im from Amsterdam and running a inhouse 3D printer shop. Im also a big fan of your work and would love to be able to help eachother out. Also im a technical engineering student, so i will be making custom wheels too.

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