Mod “Gear Led Indicator”

The “Gear Led Indicator” mod allows to display the gear engaged by the gearbox. It is controlled by Simhub.


  1. Shopping list
  2. Cablage
  3. The code
  4. 3D files

1) Shopping list

The gear led requires :

2) Wiring

The Wiring is simple : There is 3 pins on the PCB :

  • the 5V goes to 5V
  • GND (ground) goes to the ground
  • Din (DataIn) goes to D16 of the arduino (but it can be configured in the code)


3) The code

In the code, you just need to :

1 – Activate the LedPanel : replace  //#define LEDPANEL by#define LEDPANEL

2 – You can eventually change the data pin by changing  #define LEDPANELPIN 16

4) 3D files

The 3D files are on Thingiverse.

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