New SRT gearbox V9 !

The new SRT Gearbox V9 is out now ! It is a new milestone in terms of reliability, features and experience. Find out what is new.

srt gearbox preview

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably already know that for personnal reasons, I won’t have so much time in the coming months. That’s why there isn’t a video for the moment that introduces this new version. But I still have a bit of time to write down what is exiting about this new gearbox.

You can also directly jump to the complete documentation !

Two BIG Improvements

The V9 is build around a custom CNC axle made by Industry&CNC. Thanks to this, the part named “turn” is virtually unbreakable, while it was clearly a weak point of the V8. This axle also makes a gearbox a bit quicker to make.

Talking about reliability : I never broke a single part since I started to work on this gearbox. It has proven to be perfectly reliable, while being manipulated by multiple drivers in race situations. It is what I always wanted, and I will keep working in the future to make all my projects as reliable as possible.

The other big improvement is the introduction of a custom PCB. The electronics were very hard and long to make on the V8. And once it was done, it was very hard to add an other component too.

Thanks to this PCB, all the electronics are made in a couple of minutes, and you can then add other components (pedals, handbrake, button boxes).

Talking about button boxes, the button box port (4 pins) can receive up to 8 button boxes. The arduino code isn’t released yet, but you will be able to assign standard functions, as simple buttons, as well as advanced ones, like : rotary encoder, enter key, escape key, gearbox configurations key, etc

In simple terms, it means that the gearbox can easily become the brain of your motion rig.

In terms of extra mods, I will update the documentation for the clutch mod and the button plate latter. But I already want to introduce a WIP mod : the joystick mod :

It is a simple joytick that comes with awesome features : by default it is acting as a mouse, that works ingame, but also on the desktop. When you press on the Joystick, it does a left click. But if you stay pressed for half a second, it switches to the arrow mod : the joystick now acts like a classic joypad, that is sometimes more handy to use in menus. I really think that it is a mod to have if you have a motion rig, and no place to place your mouse.

And then we have so many other improvements :

The slider has been reworked : it now includes the sequential end stops in a different way : the end stops come against carriage. It offers more freedom to the sequential track design, and generates an accurate feeling.

The H track and sequential track now come together, and two m3 screws help to secure the tracks to the slider. Once again, far more reliable and accurate.

The H track comes with three different flavors : accurate, neutral and clancky, and 5 levels of hardness. Then you do what you want 🙂

All the improvements now make the sequential mod reliable and satisfying to use. Then there is two new features that will come with the next firware : in sequential mod : keep the lever pushed forward for two seconds and it will swap from digital to smart sequential mod. This mod has been created for simulation where you can’t assign two different keys for upshift and downshift (like AMS2 and PC2).

Keep the lever pushed backward for two seconds, and it will invert upshift and downshift.

Once again, all you could have dreamed of become real, and we use every single component at 200%.

You probably already saw that body 2 and 3 have been merged. That way, the gearbox is a bit stiffer, and also 2.5cm shorter.

The clutch mod is cable-based only for the moment, and as you can see it is far more neater.

The reverse gear has also be reworked : it was previously relying on a 3D printed part and a M2 screw. All of this has been replaced by a SHF12 and a M4 screw. No need to say that it is far more reliable.

I would say that it is the main improvements. I really think that this gearbox surpasses the others from really far.

I also have to thank to Industry&CNC a thousand times. Not only they accepted to produce and sell custom CNC axles, but they also agree to sell the custom PCB, all the bearings and extra stuff in one kit, making this gearbox easier to make, and more affordable (less than 180€).

If you want to jump in, take a look at the Discord and watch the Start Here video.

PS : for V8.0 owners, I am sorry, but I had to change most of the components to make this gearbox great. Consequently you will probably have to order everything again except the Arduino, some bolts and springs.

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