SRT80 : where are we ?

Here are some news about the development of the SRT80 cylinders.

First of all, thank you for your numerous donations which allowed me to finance this project!

The shopping list is finalized and should not change. At this stage, what we are trying to set up with Industry&CNC, is to group the maximum of parts in a single kit, which can be shipped by train, to limit the costs as much as possible. Eventually, we would like to have something like 5 items:

  • Complete cylinders (in parts, with 3D printing)
  • The classic mechanical kit
  • Motor kit
  • Profile kit
  • Screw kit

Tell us in comments if you see something else.

I have therefore recently placed an order for many parts, which will be shipped by train. This brings us directly to September, but I absolutely want to test this mode of transport before it is offered to everyone.

We’ll see later on if we can offer the parts in 3D printing, and why not even in CNC machining.


I have also started to work on the documentation, which will be a little more focused on the site than on the Discord. It will still be step by step, with explanations, diagrams, and videos. Maybe also more pictures than usual. I also decided to use as many parameters as possible from the OpenSFX in order to “standardize” the actuators.

To shoot all the videos I’ll need the ordered parts but we should already have a functional documentation well before.


I’ve also encountered some more problems with my Ender3… I’m thinking of overhauling it completely and selling it in order to switch to an Artillery Sidewinder or other.


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9 thoughts on “SRT80 : where are we ?

  1. Great to read news about the project! For those who own a 3d printer, will it be possible to self print 3d parts of the actuator?

  2. You mentioned 225+mm travel. I’m actually at the very opposite scale: I need a package as small (short) as possible and I’d be happy with just ~50mm travel to save 17cm in height.

    Any chance that there may be an option for an SRT80x50mm?

  3. Another note: how are you planning to solve the “guide block” as I don’t see any attachments points on the ballscrew nut other than the thread?

      1. Not sure if I missed it – do you have the 3d printed parts / slider parts available somewhere already? Trying to quickly print some prototype to see if the size would be feasable for my project (and also have no clue on how you’re planning to solve the slider part, I got some technical drawings from Industry CNC for the ball nut and other than the 5mm keyways I don’t see any screw holes that could be used for mounting.

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